Beautiful Clementine is living on the Street : UPDATED


UPDATED: Good news! Clementine has been rescued and adopted. Many thanks to all who helped.  More on her story will be posted in the future.

From one of our partners:

Clementine is so sad being out on the street.

Beautiful black and grey tabby with soft thick fur and green eyes is looking for the gift of a home this holiday.  She is very sweet and obviously not feral – probably lost or abandoned.  For the past few weeks, Clementine (named by the coffee shop staff)  has been seen regularly outside a coffee shop  She looks to be 8 or 9 years old, and in fairly good condtion. She is being fed 3 days a week by Ari, who works at Manhattanville. You can contact Ari directly at with a copy to

Thank you so much!