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Meet Lovely Luisa


LUISA is a beautiful calico girl. She is about 1-2 years old, spayed and healthy, happy and nice.  She tends to be on timid side until she knows you and runs when the doorbell rings and will hide when new to a new situation/environment. She is growing more comfortable and brave as time passes and will make someone a purr-fect companion.

Check out Luisa and our other new adoptables here:

Over the Moon for Luna



This gorgeous girl loves people ….. but is afraid of other cats.  As a result, she’s been confined to one small space in her foster home to keep her separated from the other resident feline.

Adopt Luna by filling out our form here OR please help her by sharing her listing so that we can get this stunning kitty out of the closet and into her furr-ever home.

Contact ASB at or by calling us at 888-717-7474.

UPDATE: Lucca is gorgeous again!

UPDATE: Lucca is healing beautifully in his new, loving foster home:



Thanks to everyone who helped with is medical expenses and sent notes of love and encouragement.  His story is below:

UPDATE: A kind person has come forward and offered to provide Lucca with a safe, loving foster home in which to heal.  He is still in need of a purrmanent, fur-ever home and we are still in need of some help to pay his significant and ongoing medical expenses.

Won’t you kindly share his story with anyone you feel might be willing to help? Thank you!


Lucca (formerly known as Mitty Kitty) came to us from the shelter where he was on “death row.” You can see from the video below why lots of people urged us to save him:

We were able to pull him, place him in a temporary foster home and take care of his vetting and neutering while we worked to find him a fur-ever home.

Once he had healed from his neutering he was adopted by a couple in Brooklyn. However, after a few days they returned him to us. He was placed back into the temporary foster, but his skin condition had deteriorated due to the stress of being in an unfriendly adoption.

The subsequent dermatological issues are presumed stemming from shelter and exacerbated by a difficult adoption. But whatever the cause, at some point along the way, he was exposed to ringworm (a fungal infection very common in cats and having nothing to do with worms) and the stress of bouncing from shelter to foster, to adopter and back again has compromised his immune system and allowed the infection to spread quickly.

So now this handsome, cuddly darling has gone from this ….



To this …


The vet has assured us that Lucca has a good prognosis with treatment.  However, he has to be treated at their office right now because his temporary foster home has other cats that would be at risk for the infection.  This means that we are currently paying daily boarding fees in addition to his medicine and treatment costs.

Lucca needs your help: 

The vet has assured us that Lucca has a good prognosis with treatment. However, he has to be treated at their office right now because his temporary foster home has other cats that would be at risk for the infection. This means that we are currently paying daily boarding fees in addition to his medicine and treatment costs.

Lucca needs your help:

Most importantly: Please share this post with anyone you think might be able to foster or adopt this darling boy. During his healing and treatment period he would need to be in a home without other pets, small children or anyone with a compromised immune system.

If you could find it in your heart to donate to his health care, please go to:: ASB PayPal


All Sentient Beings, Inc.


Meet our Seniors – and make them yours!


Michou: 15 and going strong!



Neko- 12 years young!

These senior guys look and act very young for their years.  They are both health, social and ready for their fur-ever homes.

If you need some convincing, here is a list of the benefits of adopting senior cats:

If you are interested, please fill out an adoption application, or call/email for more information.

Thank You for Your Past Support



Click here to make a donation through PayPal

June 2016

To Our Valued Friends, Donors and Supporters,

I am writing to ask you to consider a mid-year contribution to our Annual Fund.

Your fully tax-deductible contribution of any amount would provide immediate and vital support for all of our organization’s operations. We ALL are receiving so very many of these appeals, increasing each year, from worthy non-profit causes and organizations. How to prioritize? A few dollars to each or a big sum to one and then, which one?! I’ve discovered that with the recent downfall and ensuing personal hardships, some kind people are sending $1-5 per cat pledges to those of us who Pull from the Shelter, as they can’t afford a big donation to anyone anymore. And on top of this situation, we have the (gulp!) election this Fall!

If it helps to know where your contribution, however small, would be applied, here’s an example:

$35-$50: A month’s food supply for 1 fostered cat 

$50-$75: 1 low-cost spay/neuter

$100-$150: Litter and food for 2 cats for 2 weeks

$250 + up: 10 days of boarding for an animal not within a foster home or a portion of a vet bill.

Any time a cat comes into our system, their initial vet cost varies between $100 -$1000

As you can see, the everyday needs of our animals rely on your generous contributions. We have been in operation for over two decades but this is only our 7th year of offering tax-deductions, since receiving our non-profit status from the IRS.

You can help us now by making an instant donation through PayPal.

Click here to make a donation through PayPal

Or you can send a check directly to:

All Sentient Beings, Inc.
454 W. 46 Street, #2BS
New York, New York 10036

Please include your email address if you send a check.

All Sentient Beings exists for the animals’ welfare and well-being. As an information/resource clearinghouse, we offer assistance to people no longer able to commit to the care of their beloved pets. A salient point in our mission is to educate and inform the public, especially in light of the current economic downturn. We offer advice on Pet Trusts and Advance Directives, so that pets aren’t left behind when their Person dies or becomes too ill to remain at home.By educating the public, we hope that these efforts will reap greater benefits in the near future.

We also counsel on holistic animal care, culling from our vast resources. As cat rescue and placement facilitators, we help locate foster carers for some of the many cats on euthanasia lists at the shelters. We also post flyers and listings for the hundreds of cats we rescue or receive from other rescuers. This entails the screening, home visits and maintaining communication with our adopters. If you’d like to learn more about some of the cats we’ve rescued and found good homes for this year, check out our web site

With your support, will will continue our work of rescue and education, through lobbying and concerned activism, as well as by joining forces with larger, more established organizations. But the financial turbulence we are all experiencing, means we have to work harder to receive support for this work. Through it all, we remain committed to fulfilling our mission and thus come to you at this time. Please would you help us speak for those who cannot speak for themselves? Join us in trying to save the universe, one paw at a time! Your year-end gift will be an act of love for All Beings. Thank you for considering a gift to our Semi-Annual Fund.

With gratitude,

Ms Gregg Mayer
All Sentient Beings,Inc.
(Animal Rescue, Information Clearinghouse)
All Sentient Beings, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States
voicemail: 888-717-7474
fax: 773-337-5446

Meet Jaxon and Elliot





Jaxon and Elliot

Jaxon and Elliot

Jaxon and her brother Elliot were two very feral, frighted little kittens when they arrived at their Foster Mom’s place two months ago.  She has worked wonders with them and reports that they are playful, lots of fun and ready for adoption.  They are only now at the stage where they are allowing petting, but with a little patience and love from an experienced adopter they will be the purr-fect house cats.

Find them (and our other adoptable darlings) here:

UPDATE: Jethro has found the Purr-fect Home




Heartfelt thanks to all who supported our efforts to help sweet Jethro, one of our “special needs” kittens.  Jethro came to us with auditory and visual problems, but was coping very well with the help of his “service cat” Merce.  Unfortunately, he  began to suffer seizures a few months ago and had to be hospitalized for tests and treatments.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors*, the doctors were able to perform an MRI on Jethie to try to get down to the bottom of what might be causing the seizure condition.  We were hoping for something as simple and treatable as epilepsy, but the scan revealed brain damage that was not reversible.  The doctors worked on adjusting his seizure medications and after a few tweaks (and some trial and error) they have been able to find a dose that has kept our boy seizure-free for a few weeks now.  Very good news!

The best news of all is that Jethro has been adopted by a retired nurse who is able to be at home with him all day and has the background, knowledge and experience to keep our boy as healthy as he can be.  He has made fast friends with the other cats in her household and is happy, thriving and as adorable as ever.  The doctors feel that his life might not be as long as some other cats, but it looks like the quality will definitely make up for the quantity.

Thanks again for all of  your generosity and support.

*We will be leaving Jethro’s YouCaring page up because some of his medical bills are still outstanding.

Jethro Is a Fighter – But He Needs Your Help to Keep Going



This is our Facebook “cover boy” Jethro. He’s been in ICU for days after suffering multiple seizures. He should be coming home soon and we are optimistic that he will do well on anti-seizure meds. Please share and help if you can.  We’ve set up a YouCaring page for him here:  We will post updates on his progress there, on FaceBook and here.


Many thanks for spreading the word.