Chico – A Cautionary “Tail”


The Irresistible Chico


Back in early September, one of our wonderful volunteers saw a post about Chico online and fell in love with him. Can you blame her? Look at that smile! Gaze into those eyes! She was horrified to discover that he was on the “to be destroyed” list at NYC ACC, and had only hours to live. Our volunteer worked tirelessly round the clock to find Chico a home so that All Sentient Beings could get him pulled in time to save him. We were all thrilled when the perfect home materialized for him, and we were able to save Chico’s life! We thought we had facilitated a match made in heaven.

Our intrepid volunteer drove the handsome Chico (14 hrs round-trip from her out-of-state home – at her own expense) to his new adopter, a retired police officer who was absolutely in love with him. She did the home visit herself and was very impressed with the gentleman. He had adopted pit bulls before, was in love with the breed, and was very experienced dealing them. It had all the makings of another ASB “Happy Tail.”

And then it all went wrong

Unfortunately, the adopter called our volunteer a month later, fighting back tears, to report that – without first notifying ASB- he had already returned Chico directly to the ACC- reportedly because Chico had repeatedly displayed concerning aggressive behavior.

When NYC ACC subsequently re-listed Chico on the “to be destroyed” list, ASB was prepared to re-pull him, and did in fact submit a pull request to ACC. However, because of the behavioral issues that had been reported to us, we knew that we could not responsibly re-home Chico without his first undergoing careful assessment, observation, and possible intensive training. We began in earnest to find a solution that would save Chico’s life without possibly putting others at risk.

In the course of exploring the best option for Chico, ASB reached out to Pound Hounds, with the hope that he might eventually be reunited with his sister, Leah, whom Pound Hounds had pulled. Although the two could not be reunited at this time, it was decided that Pound Hounds had greater resources to address the specialized needs of pit bulls, and were better prepared to deal with behavioral issues such as those that Chico had reportedly exhibited. Pound Hounds and ASB agreed that it was in Chico’s best interest that Pound Hounds pull him, and arranged for any pledges ASB had collected on behalf of Chico to be transferred to Pound Hounds.

We were very pleased to have reached this arrangement, and believe it represents the best possible outcome for Chico. ASB is very grateful to Pound Hounds and to all those who worked so hard and donated the funds to help save Chico and insure him the best possible chance at a happy life.

This is where we get to the cautionary part of the “tail”: when word got out that Chico had been returned to the ACC a few (undoubtedly well-intentioned) folks became alarmed and jumped to the wrong conclusions. They assumed that ASB had been responsible for allowing Chico to be placed back at the ACC. We received hate-filled emails and some people even posted their accusations online and on social media. At some point the word got out that Chico was safe and sound at Pound Hounds, but it was erroneously reported that ASB had nothing to do with his placement there. This could not be farther from the truth, as the folks at Pound Hounds will confirm.

So ends our “tail” – with a word of caution for all of us who care about animals and want to really help them:

We are all on the same side here. At All Sentient Beings we have dedicated ourselves to rescuing as many animals as possible and work tirelessly to place them into loving, fur-ever homes. Please rest assured – if we are aware that one of our animals is in danger, we take action immediately. If we are not aware and someone informs us (via phone or email), we will be very grateful for the intervention and we will take action immediately.

Assuming the worse, becoming belligerent or publicly posting accusatory comments on social media or the internet is not going to help the animals, nor our efforts to save them. We need to work together in good faith in order to do what is best for these vulnerable creatures.

We appreciate your understanding, and so does Chico, who (as of this posting) can now be found – safe and sound – here at Pound Hounds, to whom we are very grateful.