Happy Tail – Lovely Lily

Lilly (on the right) enjoying her fur-ever home

Lilly was found one freezing cold night outside about 4 winters ago by a woman who happened to see her as she was driving by in Brooklyn. She was covered in ice and shivering. This woman was a dog lover who had never had a cat before and didn’t know much about them, but she knew that if she didn’t rescue her from the cold she wouldn’t live through the night.

She had no idea how to get her into her car but fortunately the second she opened her door and called for her, Lilly jumped right in! Her rescuer contacted All Sentient Beings who then placed Lilly with a foster.

Nine months later Lilly was adopted! She is such a wise kitty. Tracey, her furr-ever mom says “now that I know her I’m not surprised she was smart enough to accept this kindness from a complete stranger.” Lilly is also an extremely gentle and affectionate cat. It was clear to everyone that she wasn’t feral. When living with her foster she was the only cat allowed to hang out with the dogs. She has such a calm demeanor and is extremely respectful to everyone she meets. “She really is the perfect cat,” says her mom, Tracey.

Within 2 days of bringing Lilly into Tracey’s home she felt comfortable leaving her alone with her cat and dog without supervision because they all got along so well from the start. She fit in perfectly, and quickly bonded with her other cat. They snuggle up together every day. “Lilly is such a special and beautiful being, and we all love and adore her so much!” says Tracey.

Hooray for Lilly!