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Where To Go For Vacation In Montreal

Montreal is the best place you should always think to visit during your holiday time. The place is known to have great adventures where anyone can be able to visit. It has also free of entry areas and the paid ones are also affordable which is why there are most tourists that like visiting the area. Whenever visiting Montreal, you should always have Enterprise car rental Montreal since the place will offer you the best car services which will tour you around whenever you go. Among the most likely places to visit here are some of them.

Places To Visit While In Montreal

1. Contemporary Montreal Art Museum

The place was established early 1964 and is known to showcase most of the famously known contemporary art which are found at the globe. The place has many digital and paintings, sound works, ephemeral pieces, installations, sculptures, and many other things. The place is abbreviated as the MAC which means the Montreal Art Contemporary Museum and can organize many artistic festival and performance events. The place is situated near the Spectacles of Quartier which is the best cultural hub that has always been known for making the art be the very integral part of Montreal’s daily life.

2. La Ville Souterraine or The Underground City

Despite the city is not to be so underground, it is an extensive interconnected network of the hotels, shopping malls, metro stations, the museums, among others. The place is also linked together with some intricate tunnel networks which comprise of about a total of 20 miles. This underground city is known to be somehow confusing since it can’t fully navigate but it’s still the best shopaholic dream which makes the Montreal city be brutal winters that are extremely manageable for the visitors and the locals.

3. Parc du Mont-Royal or The Mount Royal Park

The park is known to be among the largest place with green spaces, which makes it be the famous recreational spot known for outdoor activities. The park is built in the land worth 200 hectares where it also has the mountain part which resides at the city’s center. It has a mountain which is about 200 meters



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Why Colorado Should be your Destination This Summer

America is undoubtedly beautiful, but Colorado, Oh my! Colorado is in its own league. It’s literally heaven on earth and you would want to miss on any chance you get to visit the place. Situated in the western part of the U.S, Colorado prides itself with being one of the best scenic locations and with more than 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, having a perfect summer vacation there is one of the easiest goals to achieve. If you are going to use car rental services (like Enterprise car rental Montreal , in case you are driving from Canada like me) you better brace yourself because you will definitely get carried away. From Denver through El Paso right
to the end in Baca, you wouldn’t know when to stop!


Best picks for Adrenaline Junkies

If you are a hiker and an adrenaline junkie you wouldn’t want to miss on your adrenaline fix in Telluride. The hike in Via Ferrata will bring you to your knees. If you are not cut out for heights, just don’t attempt the hike. 4th Cass Ridge in the San Juan Mountains will also be good for an adrenaline fix. If you are going to use car rental services, ensure that the car you have picked is fit for off-road drives. If you are such a thrill seeker, then you will not leave Colorado without setting foot on the Royal Gorge Bridge in Canon City. Not only will you be 876 feet above the ground standing on the highest bridge in America, there is also a zip line that goes across the canyon and a fun swing that will dangle you at not less than 1000 feet above the ground where you will have a bird’s eye view of the Arkansas River. There are many more other places to visit and get thrilled, and these also include


  1. The Great Sand Dunes National Park in San Luis Valley

  1. Pikes Peak Highway in the Colorado Springs

  1. Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

  1. Paradise Cove in Guffey

  1. Ouray Ice park


Best Picks for the serene

Well if you are not …

Thank You for Your Past Support

June 2018

To Our Valued Friends, Donors and Supporters,

I am writing to ask you to consider a mid-year contribution to our Annual Fund.

Your fully tax-deductible contribution of any amount would provide immediate and vital support for all of our organization’s operations. We ALL are receiving so very many of these appeals, increasing each year, from worthy non-profit causes and organizations. How to prioritize? A few dollars to each or a big sum to one and then, which one?! I’ve discovered that with the recent downfall and ensuing personal hardships, some kind people are sending $1-5 per cat pledges to those of us who Pull from the Shelter, as they can’t afford a big donation to anyone anymore. And on top of this situation, we have the (gulp!) election this Fall!

If it helps to know where your contribution, however small, would be applied, here’s an example:

$35-$50: A month’s food supply for 1 fostered cat 

$50-$75: 1 low-cost spay/neuter

$100-$150: Litter and food for 2 cats for 2 weeks

$250 + up: 10 days of boarding for an animal not within a foster home or a portion of a vet bill.

Any time a cat comes into our system, their initial vet cost varies between $100 -$1000

As you can see, the everyday needs of our animals rely on your generous contributions. We have been in operation for over two decades but this is only our 7th year of offering tax-deductions, since receiving our non-profit status from the IRS.

You can help us now by making an instant donation through PayPal.

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All Sentient Beings exists for the animals’ welfare and well-being. As an information/resource clearinghouse, we offer assistance to people no longer able to commit to the care of their beloved pets. A salient point in our mission is to educate and inform the public, especially in light of the current economic downturn. We offer advice on …

UPDATE: Lucca is gorgeous again!

UPDATE: Lucca is healing beautifully in his new, loving foster home:

Thanks to everyone who helped with is medical expenses and sent notes of love and encouragement.  His story is below:

UPDATE: A kind person has come forward and offered to provide Lucca with a safe, loving foster home in which to heal.  He is still in need of a purrmanent, fur-ever home and we are still in need of some help to pay his significant and ongoing medical expenses.

Won’t you kindly share his story with anyone you feel might be willing to help? Thank you!


Lucca (formerly known as Mitty Kitty) came to us from the shelter where he was on “death row.” You can see from the video below why lots of people urged us to save him:

We were able to pull him, place him in a temporary foster home and take care of his vetting and neutering while we worked to find him a fur-ever home.

Once he had healed from his neutering he was adopted by a couple in Brooklyn. However, after a few days they returned him to us. He was placed back into the temporary foster, but his skin condition had deteriorated due to the stress of being in an unfriendly adoption.

The subsequent dermatological issues are presumed stemming from shelter and exacerbated by a difficult adoption. But whatever the cause, at some point along the way, he was exposed to ringworm (a fungal infection very common in cats and having nothing to do with worms) and the stress of bouncing from shelter to foster, to adopter and back again has compromised his immune system and allowed the infection to spread quickly.

So now this handsome, cuddly darling has gone from this ….


To this …


The vet has assured us that Lucca has a good prognosis with treatment.  However, he has to be treated at their office right now because his temporary foster home has other cats that would be at risk for the infection.  This means that we are currently paying daily boarding fees in addition to his medicine and treatment costs.

Lucca needs your help: 

The vet has assured us …