Thank You for Your Past Support

Thank You for Your Past Support

June 2018

To Our Valued Friends, Donors and Supporters,

I am writing to ask you to consider a mid-year contribution to our Annual Fund.

Your fully tax-deductible contribution of any amount would provide immediate and vital support for all of our organization’s operations. We ALL are receiving so very many of these appeals, increasing each year, from worthy non-profit causes and organizations. How to prioritize? A few dollars to each or a big sum to one and then, which one?! I’ve discovered that with the recent downfall and ensuing personal hardships, some kind people are sending $1-5 per cat pledges to those of us who Pull from the Shelter, as they can’t afford a big donation to anyone anymore. And on top of this situation, we have the (gulp!) election this Fall!

If it helps to know where your contribution, however small, would be applied, here’s an example:

$35-$50: A month’s food supply for 1 fostered cat 

$50-$75: 1 low-cost spay/neuter

$100-$150: Litter and food for 2 cats for 2 weeks

$250 + up: 10 days of boarding for an animal not within a foster home or a portion of a vet bill.

Any time a cat comes into our system, their initial vet cost varies between $100 -$1000

As you can see, the everyday needs of our animals rely on your generous contributions. We have been in operation for over two decades but this is only our 7th year of offering tax-deductions, since receiving our non-profit status from the IRS.

You can help us now by making an instant donation through PayPal.

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Or you can send a check directly to:

All Sentient Beings, Inc.
454 W. 46 Street, #2BS
New York, New York 10036

Please include your email address if you send a check.

All Sentient Beings exists for the animals’ welfare and well-being. As an information/resource clearinghouse, we offer assistance to people no longer able to commit to the care of their beloved pets. A salient point in our mission is to educate and inform the public, especially in light of the current economic downturn. We offer advice on Pet Trusts and Advance Directives, so that pets aren’t left behind when their Person dies or becomes too ill to remain at home.By educating the public, we hope that these efforts will reap greater benefits in the near future.

We also counsel on holistic animal care, culling from our vast resources. As cat rescue and placement facilitators, we help locate foster carers for some of the many cats on euthanasia lists at the shelters. We also post flyers and listings for the hundreds of cats we rescue or receive from other rescuers. This entails the screening, home visits and maintaining communication with our adopters. If you’d like to learn more about some of the cats we’ve rescued and found good homes for this year, check out our web site at

With your support, will will continue our work of rescue and education, through lobbying and concerned activism, as well as by joining forces with larger, more established organizations. But the financial turbulence we are all experiencing, means we have to work harder to receive support for this work. Through it all, we remain committed to fulfilling our mission and thus come to you at this time. Please would you help us speak for those who cannot speak for themselves? Join us in trying to save the universe, one paw at a time! Your year-end gift will be an act of love for All Beings. Thank you for considering a gift to our Semi-Annual Fund.

With gratitude,

Ms Gregg Mayer
All Sentient Beings,Inc.
(Animal Rescue, Information Clearinghouse)
All Sentient Beings, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States
voicemail: 888-717-7474
fax: 773-337-5446